6 Life Hacks

Here I am sharing some of the life hacks that have worked for me and helped me to squeeze more productivity out of my day.

Specified hacks are in no particular order.

Hack #1: have 6–7 hours of sleep.


Get 6–7 hours of sleep. I’ve experimented with getting less sleep, but I always get less done when I don’t get a full night’s sleep. I changed my sleep timings 11:00 PM to around 9:30 PM — 10:00 PM which allowed me to get necessary sleep.

Hack #2: make meditation your daily ritual.


Meditation should no more be treated as monk’s ritual. Stress is all around us & the only way to remain in UNFUCKWITHABLE is by controlling your emotions when the situation demands.

I have gone through 40 days daily meditation practice through Ziva Meditation by Emily Fletcher and realised this as an excellent tool to up-level my performance and life dramatically which inspired me to share this experience with my team members (in my organisation).

Meditation has also helped me to get deeper sleep, thus even if I sleep 1 hour less; I don’t feel tired.

Hack #3: get to the gym as often as possible and as early in the day as possible.


There’s research showing that low-intensity exercise has a positive impact on your day’s energy and focus.

Just a walk on the treadmill at 3mph at an incline of 10–15 degrees for 20 mins is good enough to energise every cell of your body. My mind is always clearer after a workout, and the effect lasts the rest of the day.

My schedule is fixed, so usually, I’m there early morning at 5:30.

Hack #4: reading books again…

One of the most important habits I’ve picked up recently is daily reading.

But I soon realised that with the busy and tiring schedule, I am unable to keep up my commitment to book reading. That’s when I started to find a better hack for it and came across following handy and useful apps :

  • Audible (audio versions of books — mostly narrated by authors) &
  • Booklet (A passionate guy named Amrut Deshmukh who is on a mission to cultivate a habit of reading books — he summarises 1 bestselling book per week in both audio & text formats).

These apps have helped me to listen to books anytime, anywhere☺, it also transformed my traditional book reading habit.

I have managed to complete 24 books in a year and books belonged to career, inspirational, autobiography, financial management domains. My personal favourites are self-help books and inspirational memoirs (lately finished reading — “The Code of Extraordinary Minds” by Vishen Lakhiani). I love learning about other people’s experiences and how they’ve overcome adversity.

Sense of connectedness is one of the greatest feeling in the world and reading such books makes me do that☺️

Hack #5: handle distractions in better way


As you know, humans are not meant to do multiple tasks at a time and any distractions while in flow causes big hindrance and becomes huge productivity drain.

In today’s lifestyle, social media on your mobile is the biggest cause of distractions (on mobile or laptop). The simplest way to avoid phone checking is to completely eliminating social apps like Facebook or put a complex password on phone (read my another experience: A Day without my phone).

I have a pair of simple noise-cancelling earbuds and easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made lately. If you have a lot of noise around in the office, just plug it in. A bonus is that most people won’t bother you if you have your earphones in and you pretend not to hear.

I use Brain.fm while I’m working. I have no idea if it works, but I seem to be able to get in the zone very quickly when I turn it on.

Hack #6: don’t eat a lot


Everybody is different, but if I have anything heavy during the day, I get lazzy-brain and lose focus easily. I get the best results when I’m following the low-carb & high protein diet, and tried a lot of things before I realised that it helps me focus at the highest intensity and for the longest period of time.

Checkout Bulletproof by Dave Asprey who has tried various diet hacking techniques and tried everything on himself.

So there you have it, a non-exhaustive list of what I’ve been able to work into my daily routine to be more creative, productive & still remain in a state of bliss☺️

I’ll be sharing few more hacks which I am experimenting on myself.

I hope you find it useful.