GOOD-BYE 2017, HELLO 2018!!

A GOOD-BYE is never painful unless you are never going to say HELLO again.

- The Fresh Quotes

Hello friends!

Another year has come and gone. You might be receiving plenty of year-end wishes on emails and much more on social platforms, let me break that monotony for you - by trying my hand to review my 2017 and what I wish to challenge in 2018.


Overall, 2017 was a pretty awesome year. I made progress on a lot of things I thought were super important, completed a bunch of personal goals, and most importantly learned a lot :)

That said, I still need to fix few things which I originally set out to do. So that goes first on my TODO list of 2018.  

Things that went well in 2017

  • Created my website to express my thoughts, ideas and share things which keep me happy & motivated
  • Meditated (@4:15AM) for over a thousand minutes - started with mindful techniques (Emily Fletcher) and eventually dig deeper into Kriya Yoga
  • Read & listened (Google Books & Audible) various books and challenged to summarize them quickly on My Bookshelf
  • Started the day with laser-focused task management. Eat That Frog, First Things First, The 5 Seconds Rule books; helped me to break my habit of procrastination
  • Started with one of my ambitious project of My LifeBook - will unfold more about it in subsequent year
  • Started with experiencing & visiting some of the super luxurious resort with family
  • Spent some awesome time with friends - whether playing cricket/table tennis or going on long drives with no specific plan
  • Worked hard to build my core - tried some indoor exercises to test my endurance against traditional gym workouts
  • Invested time & money into personal development - knowing best practices followed around the world for building happy workplace culture (Happiness Bootcamp) or enrolling in some unique life-changing training (John Butcher)
  • Conducted knowledge sharing sessions with colleague’s and helped them to find their professional goals & ways to achieve them via Blueprints for the Soul exercise
  • Extended happiness at workplace via organization culture, mission & core values. Conducted activities like “Housing 2.0” & “Agile Methodology” initiatives 
  • … and many other miscellaneous projects which gave a sense of achievement & satisfaction

Things I want to achieve in 2018

  • Conduct at least 3 Sessions/Workshops to help my colleagues inch-closer to achieving their Blueprints
  • Develop 1 Android App (around Org Culture & Blueprint for the Soul) and host on Google Play Store
  • Summarize minimum 12 books in My Bookshelf category
  • Go on 1 Adventure Trip to places like Ladakh
  • Go on 1 Adventure Sport like paragliding or scuba-diving
  • Visit 1 Super Luxurious Hotel (in India or abroad)
  • Restart my Wushu martial arts training
  • Will attempt for Human Flag

In closing

It was a fabulous year. Here is my attempt to review past year & unquenchable thirst for challenges I have to achieve in 2018. Off-course “everything at present is good, though I still need to improve on various fronts…” but…


So now that I’m done with my bit of story, I would like to know if you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts or anything at all on how I can achieve my above goals a better way, please write back to me in the comments section or simply mail me.