My experience @Happiness Bootcamp...


I have encapsulated my 3-days "Happiness Bootcamp" experience (day-wise) below...please spare few mins to read through it & share your feedback :)

Day-1 (14th Dec 2017) was just a warm-up

“Envision, create, and believe in your universe, and the universe will form around you.” - Tony Hsieh (CEO of

With colossal anticipation, hope & curiosity, I came down to Mumbai to attend this Happiness Bootcamp and 1st day didn’t let down my expectations :)

Seeing big turnaround (almost touching 80) made me realize that Happiness is becoming an integral part of corporate culture. 

Snap of our teams one of the activity, which we tagged as   Blueprint for the soul  .

Snap of our teams one of the activity, which we tagged as Blueprint for the soul.

Takeaways from today’s session:

  1. Understanding how to move from ME to WE in the organization.
  2. Identifying personal Core Values.
  3. Simplicity matters but fun too…today’s fun games made us realize that it's important to break-down complex problem statements in the organization to simple ones through interactive games.

End of the Day-1, I felt extremely proud that in-spite of having no formal training, our company (“Omni-Bridge Systems”) is way ahead in adhering lot of culture-oriented activities already :)

Day-2 (15th Dec 2017) took deep-dive in the science of happiness

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested they want to contribute.” - Simon Sinek

Yesterday’s curiosity & anticipation melted down & it took a shape of warmth and happiness when everyone greeted each other with a broad smile and kind gesture. 

The day was packed with more engrossing activities and to start with a surprise - we were asked to embrace change by shuffling our teammates and table which we shared yesterday. Some looked joyful while others slightly reluctant but with time they seemed comfortable with new partners :)

Our table was decorated with beautiful flowers, balloons and signature standee with winked Happiitude logo…doesn’t it look AWESOME??


Gratitude is a most underrated expression in our lives, but we were taught to value it through the impactful but straightforward ways. We received Gratitude Cards (with a beautiful the one shown below) which have to be handed over to someone who made your day. I did so by giving my gratitude card to Sonika Pranay who changed my perception of how easy it can be to make friends.. :)

Try leaving a friendly trail of little sparks of gratitude on a daily basis around you too and see miracles happen!

Grattitude Cards-Collage.jpg

We had some very interesting walls around the room like - Wall of “Connectedness”, “Emotional expression” & “Gratification”.  Every wall was a medium to express our emotion towards our colleague.  

Collage - Wall of expressions.jpg

Takeaways from today’s session:

  1. Way to cultivate a habit of optimism, this gives a belief in the team that good things will happen for us in future. It's scientifically proven that those team members who see stress optimistically perform twice better than others. This approach also helps them to come up with innovative ideas at work, better mitigate risks and contribute more to their teams.
  2. Like every other group of mammals - from a herd of buffalo to pride of lions - humans see the society of their own. In the workplace, our most important social connections are those we work with, this is called connectedness. Well connected individuals & teams in an organization reflect better synergy in every action they perform. This is the nature of the healthy organization and I felt its intense strength through some of the above activities we performed.
  3. Deriving higher purpose (for individuals & organization) is essential for long-lasting happiness. Purpose opens the way for you to live your life & business with meaning. Our purpose is a call from within and moves us to take action in the best possible way. Blueprints for the soul is a step closer towards your purpose and I am delighted to follow it to the fullest in my organization. 

… and Day-3 (16th Dec 2017) was a celebration & party time!

“If you want to build a ship, don’t assign tasks and work, but rather inspire them to long for the sea.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I am sure you must have heard these lines “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.” Believe it or not, happiness is a choice. And, some days its hard to choose to be happy thus do not push yourself to tackle every situation which is not in your control.  

Last 3 days were full of optimism, connectedness and passion. The most beautiful moments always seem to accelerate very quickly…so is our Happiitude Bootcamp but not until we had a grand celebration. 

Selfies with our beautiful trainers - Sunny Grosso (Culture chief @DH, top-right-corner) & Veronica Fernandez Mesias (Culture coach @DH, bottom-left-corner)

Selfies with our beautiful trainers - Sunny Grosso (Culture chief @DH, top-right-corner) & Veronica Fernandez Mesias (Culture coach @DH, bottom-left-corner)

Sunny & Vero are extremely passionate about creating positive change in a work culture, hence they are apt to deliver this topic. Their immense energy was truly infectious. 

Happiness Tips:

  1. Start keeping a success journal; jot down 5 successes you had that day.
  2. Make a daily To-Do list and review it; organize and visualize your goals for the day. 
  3. Express gratitude; to express your appreciation to at least 2 people every day.
  4. Surround with positive people; positive people around brings positive impact on your goals and happiness. 
  5. Savor! it’s about genuinely enjoying pleasurable moments in your everyday life. 
  6. Meditate; listen to your inner ME and to do that you need to sit in silence with yourself.
  7. Earn knowledge; reading books like "Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh", "Drive by Daniel Pink", "How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie", "The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani", "The Progress Principle by Teresa Amabile" are some must read books in your quest or happiness. Do read summaries of some of these books in "My Bookshelf" section. 

To sum-up my boot camp experience, through three days of the session; I got excellent opportunity to meet and interact with different kinds of people - HR’s, IT professionals, fitness freaks, hypnotherapist and many creative minds from diverse professions. They all came to achieve one goal “How to achieve happiness in their workplace & life through happy culture”. 

The aim & curiosity with which I came for this course was to know - how a course on a complex topic like happiness & organization culture can be taught in 2-3 days and post these 3 days my perception got completely changed. 

My key learnings from this Bootcamp was to: 

  1. Know how a complex problem can be delivered through simple, compelling, fun-loving manner. 
  2. Realize that every person in the Bootcamp had his/her set of emotions and stories in life but it's your choice & decisions which decides your long-term happiness.
  3. Know there is abundance everywhere. I believe there is enough for everyone and all it takes is for you to find how you can have your own. 
  4. Know we are already whole & complete and everyone around is just a companion on this journey called Happiness. Staying happy is your CHOICE.

Lastly, it is not every day that one gets a chance to unwind and find out who they are and what’s their purpose. Thank you, Zappos & Happiitude fraternity for the wonderful opportunity you gave us to rediscover ourselves. 

I can’t end this writing without sharing some of the glimpses of beautiful venue of “Star Sahara Hotel”.