Expression of Gratitude...

It is not HAPPY people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are HAPPY.

Gratitude is such a simple but powerful concept which has existed for ages, we are caught up in the day-to-day things that may upset or frustrate us, earn things which we don’t have, people who irritate you and the list goes on & on.. many of us fail to realize and feel happy about what we already have with us. These are the things which we take for granted most of the times like - having three-time meals on time (as per our wish), legs to walk, someone to pray for us…

Gratitude can help you develop positive habits and curb negative ones; it can help your surrounding more likeable, it can allow you to stop comparing yourself with others, it can help you to take control of your situation in a better way instead of waiting or expecting things from others, and so much more…

Thankfulness consists of mere words of “thank you”, but gratitude is shown in your actions rather than in your words. Today I want to share an experience of gratitude which was expressed by one of my colleague in office and how I felt about it.

My colleague Mayur Chavan walked into my room, with a low voice he said I want to gift you something on your Birthday. He expressed his gratitude towards me. I was pleasantly surprised and momentarily speechless. I was not prepared for this kind of gesture. 

Hastily I unwrapped the gift and was amazed to see a gift which I truly was in need. It was classic “Success Planner Diary”, and it contained a hand-written note from him expressing his gratitude and how my little help made transformations in personal and professional life.  

Today I realized why gratitude is such a fantastic form of expression and how it feels to someone who is on the receiving end. Such expression tells that our pursuit of happiness from significant achievements is just a mirage. 

Happiness can be spread through small things and kind words, with an expression of gratitude towards your loved once and people around you can help to transform negative feelings into positive charge and more often than not we fail to realize this simple fact.

Mayur I’m so grateful to have you in OB family. Your presence on floor makes everyone’s life much easier and smooth sailing. 

Thank you, buddy!!!