We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising. 

- Kenneth Cooper  

A healthy exercise regime has a direct impact on how your carry your energy-level throughout the day and thus affecting your well-being.

A good exercise can be accomplished with activities such as cycling, walking, swimming, yoga or working out in the gym. But most important is how you maintain consistency with it.  


  1. Building core strength and general fitness.
  2. A motive to get-up every day and have personal ME time.


Running - I enjoy a solid 4-5 km run once a week. I prefer to run with slow pace, longer distance rather than speed. I enjoy running on a surface which is not consistent, thus challenges my stamina.

Walking – My target is 10,000+ steps a day, tracked using a mobile app. This is accomplished mostly by walking on trade-mills & open-tracks.

High-Intensity Circuit Training – This completely tailor-made high-intensity anaerobic workout comprising skipping, squats, walking lunges, step-ups followed by crunches within 10 mins.

Swimming – Swimming is fun, some swim for exercise, but I thoroughly enjoy myself splashing in the water. I never learned swimming through a professional coach, may that’s the reason why I enjoy every moment of it. I have swum in Olympic size pool with maximum 10-15 rounds non-stop. Swimming has helped me a lot to recover from intense back pains. 


I aim to exercise four times a week, minimum (not too intense). My goals at the moment are more about opting varied training practices like TRX - Suspension Bands, BOSU Ball etc. so I track my exercise frequency using Beeminder.