Your future depends on your DREAMS, so go to SLEEP.

- Mesut Barazany  

Waking up one hour early meant I could gain 365 hours a year to do a lot of other stuff. Shaving off this one-hour meant I must improve the quality of sleep.


1. Eliminate obvious things that disturb/reduce the quality of sleep.

2. Start with baby-steps like waking-up 15-30 mins before regular time & slowly. 

3. Prefer flat mattress over spongy-bed, this helps in the correct posture.


1. Sleep duration - I always aim for getting around 7 hours of sleep, though occasionally allow little longer (especially on weekends). I strictly follow this sleep pattern on week-days.

2. Alarm clock placement - Alarm clocks these days are set on mobiles instead of the traditional clocks. I always put my alarm clock slightly far from me, so that I have to get out of bed to turn it off.

3. Tire-yourself - To ensure you get deep sleep, your exercise regime and physical exertion play a significant role. See exercise section for more details.

4. Darkness - Having quit dark room is essential for deep sleep. Unplug as much as light sources as possible (especially small LED-once) in your room.

5. Unwind Time - Roughly aim to unwind yourself between 10:00 PM or 10:30 PM. This gives you adequate sleep duration. 


1. Using suitable gadget for tracking sleep pattern. Might soon buy Apple Watch (with the AutoSleep app) that tracks movement and heart-rate to quantify the quality of sleep.