The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being.

- The Dalai Lama  

According to me, well-being is a way of saying “How much are you enjoying life?” Or “How is your quality of life?” Or “How is your mental clarity?” Or “Does your actions spread happiness around you?” 

Well-bieng is tightly coupled with your happiness quotient. Thus this is extremely important :)


  1. Avoid getting emotionally distracted/moved from external factors.
  2. Spread happiness, joy & good humour around you through everyday actions.
  3. Care and respect emotions of others with your wisdom.


  1. Meditation - I do 30-45minutes of mindfulness meditation every day (early in the morning). It has become an integral part of my daily routine. This practice yields peace, calmness and energy required for carrying the positive frame of mind throughout the day. This is also an excellent opportunity to do self-introspection of the previous day. Check out app call Headspace, which I highly recommend if you are a beginner in this practice.
  2. Brain-dumping - I follow a technique for dumping all the daily thoughts, sources of friction or resistance, forgiveness etc. five minutes before going to bed. This helps to recharge yourself with positive thoughts next day.
  3. Avoid quickly becoming judgmental - I used to land-up in conclusions quickly based on one-sided interpretations of situations or events, which had a huge impact on my mood and happiness. Though it's very easy and very natural to interpret events in incorrect, negative-slanted ways; but anecdote for it was simple - I take a pause from becoming immediately judgmental and spend little more time to see other-side of the coin. This more often than not, helped me to take decisions which reasonable.

I feel this is a very simple technique for addressing these common misinterpretations. 


I have not found a concrete or useful assessments for well-being. Nonetheless, I would recommend you to checkout Beeminder - this isn’t exactly for tracking well-being but it helps you track things which directly links to your well-being.