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Although, these above instances are significant milestones in life and it seems to give us a high, but very soon it fades away. No matter what happens, in short span of time, we come back to the same level of happiness.

So, its very much true that we seek happiness from the external world and that happiness is fixed to a certain point only..right? 

If your answer is YES, then you seem to be right, because one of the longest running research in positive psychology, popularly known as “Science of Happiness” also tell us the same. 

Organizations across the globe spend a considerable amount of money & time to make their employees happy by giving them external motivations like conducting outdoor activities, offering lucrative perks and incentives, materialistic items which induce endorphin (happy hormones) which lasts temporarily. Once this temporary joy subsides, employees quickly come back to the same level of happiness state. 

Is there any way we can sustain their happiness state?

My answer is, YES.

Seems too reasonable to be true but if we identify intrinsic motivations (through individuals blueprint), we can prolong this happiness state. This blueprint is nothing but your happiness quotient which comprises mission & specific goals in life, which is categoriesed into:

  1. Personal life
  2. Relationships
  3. Business life & 
  4. Overall life vision

With disciplined & sustained efforts, a person can improve the overall quality of life. Keep reading to know how it can be achieved.

Norway is considered as happiest country in the world...

Norway is considered as happiest country in the world...