There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. 

by Ernest Hemingway

This is a relatively comprehensive snapshot of how I run my life and what I’m doing to improve it. I’m a very different person than the Pritam of five years ago. Now I am more organized, healthy, productive, and active than I have ever been.

There is a lot of compressed material here; compiled only through my experiences. In the spirit of “perfection is the enemy of done”, I named this page as "Life Hacks". I hope you find this page useful. I try only to include items that I’m regularly using. Though, the exact tools and systems I use at any given time may vary based on best fit.

Before you dive-in, please read these general principles which I follow at all times:

Incremental progress. Focus on what you can do next to improve & feel passionate about it. This way you avoid getting stagnant and monotonous. 

Attention. Reduce distractions, reduce mental clutter and stay firm on committed actions. Setting proper priorities helped me.

Keep it simple & consistent. Simplicity & consistency is paramount. Avoid making things overcomplicated, thus losing lust of it.

Build it as a habit. Focus on making a habit, if it yields a good result. People who have a deep exercise habit don’t need the willpower to exercise, it just happens.

Set priorities. Busy-ness is a choice, and an excellent way to ridicule it is to set priorities.

These all converge into a single mission of “Endless Happiness”.