The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Favorite quote from the author:

Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.: - Robin Sharma

This book is about a lawyer - Julian Mantle, who sold his mansion and Ferrari for the sake of earning wisdom through the seven virtues of the spirituality in the Himalayan mountain. I love when non-fiction authors use fiction to get their message across. Maybe that’s what made this book so popular over the years. Because it’s timeless, it’s inspiring to read these stories.

This book passes three valuable lessons:

  1. Use The Heart of the Rose exercise to guard your mind against unwanted thoughts.
  2. Develop a simple 10-step morning routine with The Ten Rituals of Radiant Living.
  3. Selflessly serving others counterintuitively leaves you better off too.

Let’s see what we can learn from the monk who sold his Ferrari! More in detail…

Lesson1: Learn to guard your mind with The Heart of the Rose exercise.

One exercise Julian learned to achieve is The Heart of the Rose.

To practice it you need an actual rose and a quiet space to yourself. Then, you simply stare at the center of the rose and try to fill your mind with thoughts about how beautiful it is.

Think of it as a form of basic meditation. At first, you’ll have lots of distracting thoughts, but you’ll get better at keeping those out of your head over time. That’s the goal.

The more disciplined you become in which thoughts you accept into your mind, the easier it’ll be to turn it into the beautiful, energizing garden you need.

Lesson2: The Ten Rituals of Radiant Living are a simple morning routine that covers everything you need.

Ten steps which Yogi suggested to follow a daily routine :

  1. The ritual of early awakening. The six hours of sleep and seeing the sunrise.
  2. The ritual of solitude. Always follow 5 minutes silence after you wake-up.
  3. The ritual of physicality. Move, get-up and do some exercise.
  4. The ritual of live nourishment. A vegetarian diet based on fresh food.
  5. The ritual of abundant knowledge. Have a habit of daily reading or studying.
  6. The ritual of personal reflection. Evaluate your day before going to bed.
  7. The ritual of music. Listen to music often to never get stuck in a bad mood.
  8. The ritual of a spoken word. Have a short mantra you can repeat to yourself throughout the day or when you are stressful.
  9. The ritual of congruent character. Always follow your principles or core values. Write them down and stick to them.
  10. The ritual of simplicity.  Ruthlessly live your priorities and remove everything else that’s waste or unnecessary.

Lesson3: Selflessly serve others, and you’ll be better off yourself.

There is a Chinese proverb:

A trace of fragrance always remains in the hands that present you with roses.

It’s a metaphor, which says whenever you help someone else, some of the benefits will come back to you. You rarely know when and how, but karma always comes around.

Every morning, take a few seconds to think about what good you can do today and before going to bed take few moments for gratitude.

It’s a must read book especially because it’s written by non-fiction authors to get their message across. Maybe that’s what’s made this book so popular over the years. Because it’s timeless. It’s a really inspiring story and I think whatever it will be, you’ll find out something interesting about yourself from it.