The Code of The Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconvintional Laws To Redefine Your Life And Succeed On Your Own Terms

Favorite quote from the author:

Hack your past with forgiveness. Hack your present with mindfulness. Hack your future with "I AM ENOUGH"  - Vishen Lakhiani

This book teaches to create some amazing life hacks and new rules, which can help you to move towards sustainable success based on your terms.

There’s an invisible law as to how the world operates—how human beings interact with each other, how we worship, relate with our parents, perform at work, fall in love, make money, and stay healthy and happy.  

Let's dive right in these ten laws :

Law 1: Living in the Culturescape ("How you were shaped by the world around you")

We're tangled in a web of the culturescape - rule of humanity, beliefs, and practices about life. We are taught to follow them without questions to ensure we have safe, simple, ordinary life. 

Law 2: The Awakening ("The power to choose your version of the world") 

BRULES (Bullsh**t rules) is a term coined by Lakhiani & used very effectively throughout in the book. We are taught to be happy and successful, work hard, get good grades, have family and save for retirement. These are BRULES. Lakhiani said these rules are outdated and should be broken.  

Law 3: Recoding Yourself ("Transforming your inner world")

We are quick to upgrade our systems as soon as new updates come, yet we rarely do the same for our beliefs and habits. Consciousness engineering is basically about updating the operating system for your brain. You can replace both your beliefs and habits, like how you replace parts of your computer hardware and software to optimize it.

Law 4: Becoming Extraordinary ("Changing the world")

This law is about eliminating your old beliefs and replacing with more healthier and empowering ones. In the book, Lakhiani shares many examples of how specific incidents shifted his beliefs to deliver massive results, from relationships to business profits. 

This law is about consistently growing & innovating through new habits and practices. 

Law 5: Upgrade your system for living ("Discover-Improve-Measure")

This law is about consistently growing & innovating through new habits and practices. Vishen suggests a model called "Discover-Improve-Measure" approach, which covers the way you can enhance your systems for a living.

Law 6: Bending reality ("Be in flow")

In 2008, Lakhiani discovered a simple switch which transformed his business profitability. He basically stopped pegging his happiness to his goals. Instead, he focused on being happy in the present, while working concurrently on his vision. He calls this “bending reality”–In this state, you love what you do, ideas flow to you intuitively, you attract the right people and opportunities, and things just fall in the place. 

Law 7: Live in BISSIPLINE ("Happiness is hackable")

“Blissipline” is the discipline of daily bliss, or being happy in the now. Lakhiani is a firm believer that happiness is hackable, and he has discovered some of the best practices for hacking happiness.

Law 8: Create the vision for future ("How to set your goals")

Most of us are trained by the Brules of the world to pursue the wrong goals. Much of modern goal setting is absolute rubbish. He shows how to set goals that truly, deeply lead to happiness, create meaning, and allow you to live a life that’s exciting and purposeful.

Law 9: Be UNFUCKWITHABLE ("Completely at peace")

Unfuckwithable is a state when you are completely at peace with yourself, you are unshaken from your surroundings, you don't have fear of loss. In this state, you are not afraid to dream, take bold actions and fail (knowing that you will try again).

Law 10: Embrace your QUEST ("Contribution to mankind")

At this phase, you’re ready to serve your higher calling or your quest and make your contribution to mankind. If you’re living all the previous rules, your quest will naturally come knocking. All you need to do is to listen and take action. Even if you’re unsure what to do, just take baby step—this expresses your intent and allows the Universe to guide you forward.

My promise to you that after reading this book you’ll definitely have takeaways on how you can go about bending reality and attain success. Lakhiani ends the book with a 6-Phase practice to enhance 6 skills that are crucial for reality-bending. You can get more resources online at the official Codex website.  

So without much ado- grab a copy of this book from here